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social media marketing

You know when I come out of my blogging hiatus, it has to be for a damn cool reason. And it is. First, some background: Back at my old employer, a lot of my time was consumed by educating the higher ups on exactly what social media was, how it was impacting the larger consumer […]


How “Social Media Experts” let Nestle down. Badly.

by Matt Burgess on March 24, 2010

If you’re on… well, any number of social channels, really… you would have noticed the “Nestle” furor over the last few days. If you somehow missed it, here’s an executive summary: Greenpeace target Nestle for their involvement in the deforestation of orangutan habitats through the sourcing of palm oil, which they use in their products. […]


“When I’m tweeting, I’m working”

by Matt Burgess on March 16, 2010

There’s an important issue that any organisation needs to take into account when entering into social media, and that’s the effect engaging in social media will have on their employees. It’s dangerous. Why would I say something like that, especially in light of the fact that I offer social media marketing services? Well, I have […]


When is a viral video not a viral video?

by Matt Burgess on February 3, 2010

Q: When is a viral video not a viral video? A: When Tony Richardson says so. Ok, that may seem a snide comment. But this post over at Mumbrella from Tony Richardson really does seem a denial in the face of reality. While you should visit the Mumbrella post to read the full argument, the […]