Things that were delicious this week… 9 April, 2010

by Matt Burgess on April 9, 2010

Every Friday I try to share a selection of things that I found worthy of bookmarking in Delicious during the week. “What’s Delicious”, you may ask? From the horse’s mouth:

The Web is a big place, full of new and interesting things to discover. The problem is finding the good stuff and keeping track of it all. This is where Delicious can help.

Delicious is a Social Bookmarking service, which means you can save all your bookmarks online, share them with other people, and see what other people are bookmarking. It also means that we can show you the most popular bookmarks being saved right now across many areas of interest. In addition, our search and tagging tools help you keep track of your entire bookmark collection and find tasty new bookmarks from people like you.

You can always check out all of my Delicious tags here, but this is a regular column on this site where I bring together the best of the bunch.


Things that were delicious this week – 9 April, 2010

  • It’s a total cliche to mention Chris Brogan when you’re talking about Conversation Marketing, but hey, things become a cliche for a reason, right? This short but sweet post about “You as an entertainer” from Chris on OpenForum proves why he’s at that cliche level.
  • Jeremiah seems to have fallen into a “matrix routine” with his latest posts. That said, they continue to be extremely effective. This post on “How To Choose Social Media Programs by Brand, Lifestyle, Product or Location” is well worth a read for any brand.
  • You know, sometimes the BCM blog puts me in two minds. There’s something about the way the employees all respond to blog posts (rather than just high five each other in the office) that strikes me as… well, awkward. But this post from Nathan Bush was good enough to make me overlook that, simply for its summation: “1) Connect with People. 2) Do your job“.
  • Aah, links. They’re important to SEO, but any SEO will tell you that active link building may be one of the most challenging parts of the gig. Which is why this post from Wordstream is a must-read for anyone who wants to earn more links.
  • Laura Lippay bids Yahoo farewell, and posts one of the best posts I’ve seen on SEOmoz in… well, probably ever. Read the post, and make sure to check back for the rest of the series.
  • Oh, and if you have a spare hour or two, dive into Edelman’s 2010 Trust Barometer report. There are some very interesting tidbits, particularly the findings that peer trust among social networks has declined…

What about you? What did you find delicious this week?

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