Global Web Index Social Media Insights… it’s cool.

by Matt Burgess on July 13, 2010

You know when I come out of my blogging hiatus, it has to be for a damn cool reason.

And it is.

First, some background: Back at my old employer, a lot of my time was consumed by educating the higher ups on exactly what social media was, how it was impacting the larger consumer market, and how we could harness that. And, as anyone who’s been in that position before knows, that means – regrettably – lots and lots of powerpoint presentations.
But there was always one source I knew I could turn to, to inspire slides when needed… and that was the Universal McCann “Wave” research, tracking the impact of Social Media. Seriously, it’s gold.

So it was with much excitement that I learned that Trendstream – headed up by Tom Smith, who was the lead market researcher at Universal McCann during the “Wave” series – were releasing a “lite” version of their Global Web Index – a tool that, as Trendstream puts it, “provides anyone with the free of charge chance to view and play with the GlobalWebIndex data, and more importantly to start developing unique insights on social media.”
You can play around with it below.

Now, of course some may question basing strategies on information gleaned from tools such as these; but I see the value here as coming from another direction. Not unlike the Forrester Groundswell tool, the Trendstream data is a veritable goldmine for those looking to take the “bullshit baffles brains” approach to convincing the “higher ups” to release the money to test your ideas out.

So play around with the figures, and see if you can get the data to say what you want it to… and when you finally get the budget you’re after, make it count.

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