Google Adwords Management

Google Adwords is one of the most efficient channels to capture highly-qualified leads for your business. We regularly 3X the ROI of our clients in this channel. Read on to see how we can help achieve the same for your business.

Why Consider Google Adwords?

It’s difficult to drive more targeted traffic to your website than with Google Adwords. People search for a product they are interested in on Google – a product you can provide! – and your ad shows up, right in front of them. Talk about reaching the consumer at prime purchasing time. And best of all, you only pay when someone clicks on your ads.

What Can Our Account Management Provide?

We’ve handled seven figure a month budgets, right down to “mom and pop” style businesses. With all of them, we’ve been able to demonstrate substantial profit from our Google Adword campaigns.

Here’s a snapshot of what our account management services can provide:

  • Keyword research and list management
  • Campaign creation and setup
  • Text ad copywriting
  • Ad split testing and optimisation
  • Landing page optimisation
  • Bid and budget management
  • Analytics, performance tracking and transparent reporting

We can set up, optimise and manage your campaign from scratch. We can help identify and target your audience; we’ll improve and reduce your cost per lead; and finally, we’ll write ads that convert attention into sales.

Want to improve your ROI from Google Adwords? Get in touch.