See that gentleman cradling the microphone like it's a lifeline? That's me. This was at a Networx Marketing event in Brisbane, where I was a panel member.
So, who the heck are “Conversation Media” anyway? Well, by way of explanation, I’ll point out that – to be grammatically correct – the previous sentence should contain an “is”, not “are”. That’s because Conversation Media is really just one person… and that’s me, Matthew Burgess. Currently based in Brisbane, I’m a South African transplant who has lived in Australia for the past 4 years.

I’ve always had an interest in communicating

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been interested in communicating. English was always my favourite subject at school, and I took an active interest in public speaking. Ultimately, this interest culminated with me completing my BA (Hons) English Studies from University of Natal, SA, in 2003. What the degree gave me (apart from those funky letters to list at the end of my name) was a solid grounding in English Literature Studies and Creative Writing.

Since then, that education has been put to use

After a brief stint as a touring rock star (seriously. You might not know it now if you met me, but I was a touring muso for a few years. Great and heady times, those were), I found myself in Australia. My first job in the country was with a large online travel company, as a junior member of their in-house SEO team. That “junior position” soon turned into a lead role as an SEO Executive within the company group, heading up both the content development and social media strategies across several brands within that group.

Enough of the Wonder Years nostalgia already. How does this help you?

Ok, I’ll get down to the brass tacks then, if that’s what you want. For those who don’t play around much in the online marketing field, let me just say – without any fear of exaggeration – that online travel is one of the most competitive fields in which to work online. I have years of experience in spearheading content development strategies across sites with tens of thousands of pages. I have years of experience in developing, and implementing, social media strategies (and please note… setting up a Facebook page is not a “strategy”) for large and small brands alike. Put simply, I have years of experience in helping brands succeed in some of the most difficult and competitive of areas.

I bring all this experience to the table for my clients, and together we can help your brand get to where it needs to be. Check out my Services page to see how I can help you today.

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