Here’s a question for you: If we could get your business an extra 30-350 leads each and every month… what would that do to your bottom line?


With 13 million Australians logging into Facebook each month, if your business is not taking full advantage of Facebook ads, you’re missing out on a vital revenue stream.

Conversation Media is a facebook marketing agency based on the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland, Australia. We specialise in high-converting Facebook Ad campaigns. It’s what we do, and we do it well. We have a proven track record of getting our clients a 300% ROI on their Facebook campaigns (turning $1 ad spend into $3 revenue).

Why Facebook Advertising?

The Right People

Powerful targeting options to target your exact ideal customer. We can target by age, gender, location, relationship status, interests, purchasing behaviours & more.

The Right Time

Consumers are accessing Facebook constantly, throughout the day. Whether it’s from work or at home, on their desktop or mobile. Be there, with your message, when your customers are online.

The Right Message

Targeted ads will show the right creative at the right time. Will an image, carousel or video ad work better for your target market? Our multivariate testing will tell you which delivers the best ROI.

Why Conversation Media?

Facebook Marketing Experts

Look… we know this sounds like tooting our own horn, but it’s justified. We’ve run Facebook campaigns for brands ranging from travel, to insurance, to e-commerce, and everything in between. We know how to sell on Facebook.

ROI-driven Results

A lot of Facebook marketing agencies will try to sell you “likes” and “shares”. Driving engagement is good, but we know what really matters is the bottom line. Our campaigns focus on growing your business and increasing sales, plain and simple.

Transparent Reporting

We don’t treat our work as some “trade secret”. We pride ourselves on partnering with each and every client, and in order to partner on their success, that requires full transparency.

Our Process

1. Audit

We start by looking at your existing Facebook account structure and Facebook pixel implementation (if already set up), your creative, and your reporting & analytics.

2. Test

We then begin testing… ad creatives, audience segments, lookalike audiences, custom audiences, funnel structures and more.

3. Analyse

Our analysis phase takes the results of our testing, examines ROI & CPA implications, media metrics and potential to scale.

4. Scale

Finally, after all steps are completed, we begin scaling our findings with staged spend increases, exploring new markets and ramping up proven winners.

Great results that far surpassed our previous experiences with digital agencies.

Mark McGuire CEO - Blueprint Solutions

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